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Get Your Personal Smell Training Pod

Smell Revived is a revolution in smell training. This is the first time that virtual reality technology has been used in smell training. Our pod redefines the smell training to be portable, private and convenient. Smell therapy will become personal, fun and engaging. Get access to virtual scent experience from anywhere!

Audio credit to Grant Stinnett


How 'smell training' is helping COVID-19 patients recover their olfactory sense

Los Angeles Times

What It’s Like to Live Without Your Sense of Smell

True stories from patients
Head Shot

" 5 months since I’ve had Covid and can not smell. Sometimes I can smell something really Strong for 1 or 2 seconds if I put it right next to my nose but then nothing the sense disappears. Sometimes things smell like vinegar which is really annoying. Really depressing don’t know what to do. "

Best Friends

" 10 days no smell or taste. I hate this. I'm going to cry once I'm able to smell and taste something. Yesterday I ate a cookie and I was going crazy thinking I could taste or was all in my head. My anxiety is crazy. I will forever be thankful for my senses."

Female Portrait

" I loss my sense of taste and smell March 2020 and it’s been a year something is the same at all. Since August 2020, smell and taste are distorted and things smell like garlic, rotten or burnt. It REALLY sucks and I don’t know what to do anymore. I just wish there was a cure because I’m scared."

Smell Training Pod

How to use it

1. Rotate the cap


2. Open the cap


3. Pick a scent tablet 


6. Pair it with VR or Phone


5. Rotate and close the cap

4. Put the tablet into the filling slot


Award and Grant


Immersive Experience

Compatible VR Devices

Unlock immersive experiences


VR Scene linked to Each Scent

Each scent is paired with an interactive VR environment

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6 pcs/tablet

This apple picking mini game in VR 
will help you to complete your first smell training session!

Coming Soon

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Pod Series

Your personal scent helper


Refill Tablets Package

Refill Tablets Singles

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